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Isabel Rafferty of Mobvious: Brands Need To Grow With The Hispanic Audience

Published by Produ Media 

According to Isabel Rafferty, Founder, and CEO of the Mobvious America mobile marketing firm, brand communications must go beyond language. “Is it about advertising brands in the Spanish language or actually speaking to Hispanic hearts? As marketers, we need to be part and parcel of the Latino market to truly understand it and connect with it,” she said.

She noted that brands need to grow with the audience. “Many advertisers make the mistake of not reaching out to Hispanics until they come of age to buy their products. To win their attention and be always on their minds, you should be part of Hispanic life from very early on.”

The executive quoted Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia, who said, “Content is king but context is God.” “To reach the Latino market, advertisers must understand how consumers use the media and keep in mind the passion points of content. Culture is more relevant than language,” she said

Whoever wants to reach Hispanics with English-language content has to work with a media company that possesses the necessary technology and databank, plus the ability to segment the market according to preferences and buying habits. “Advertisers have to understand the diversity of U.S. Hispanic audiences in order to deliver the appropriate ads to the appropriate targets,” Rafferty said.

She concluded that like all consumers, Hispanics look for more than just products or services – they want experiences that impact their lives in a positive, personalized way. And what is more personal than mobile?

Published by Produ Media 

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